• Dog feeder PET'S BAR "BONE with inscription" (3 dishes)

Material: Wood-pine

Dimensions: 590x190x100mm

    Wooden stand with bowls PET's BAR is both a convenience for a pet and a great decoration in the interior of your home.

    This model cocontain three bowls at once, which distinguishes it from our other products. It is very convenient, you can use them for water, dry and wet food at the same time. It is also a great solution if your have more then one pet.

    The top of the stand is made in the shape of the favorite delicacy of all dogs - bones. Therefore, the stand has an original design, and your pet is even more satisfied.

    This table has a possibility to put the name of your pet on and you can choose this option at the order page.

    Included three bowls 0.75 liters.

    Stand height-100mm

    Table for three bowls suitable for dogs whose height is 25-30 cm

    • French Bulldog
    • Pug
    • Shih tzu
    • Bichon Frize and other similar breeds

    Advantages and features of the product:

    • three bowls at the same time - two deep and one flat - your cat will be happy to eat one of them In this model
    • it is possible to order the bowls of your choice for all deep or two shallow ones
    • stand design is stable and supplemented with anti-slip foot pads
    • dishes comply with European quality standards
    • easy to clean, bowls can be easily removed and washed, and the table should be wiped with a damp cloth

    The stand is coated with hard wax oil, does not contain preservatives and substances that can harm the animal. The oil is safe for humans and animals and complies with the German quality standard DIN-53160 (safety in case of possible contact with skin and saliva), as well as European safety standards EN-71.3 (can be applied to children's toys).

    The coating has water-repellent properties, it does not crack or peel off.

    Each product has its own natural pattern, and most of the manufacturing work is done by the master manually, so all of them are almost unique and inimitable.

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    Dog feeder PET'S BAR "BONE with inscription" (3 dishes)

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